Working towards the sustainable socioeconomic development of local communities.

About this charity

Kabani - The Other Direction work and campaign against the negative impact of tourism on local communities and resources in Southern India. Named after the Kabani River in Kerala, which flows in the “other direction” to most of the rivers in the region, they promote the “other direction” in the present form of tourism.

In order to achieve this objective, Kabani carry out research on the side-effects of mass tourism and the ways to change it, advocacy and campaigns about these issues and both international and local networking to increase awareness and impact. Kabani also provides education activities to promote sustainability in the context of tourism and development. They foster community tourism initiatives finding their roots in local populations, and focus on socio-economic security and sustainability.


Watch: Sustainable Travel in Kerala, India

See the impact of this support in a short documentary below. Produced by the 2017 World Nomads Travel Film Scholarship winner Jigar Ganatra.